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(Citylights, A.D. 2013, Fall)

There are three parts of this reading: WELCOME, STATEMENT, and CALL.  Read WELCOME and CALL each time. You may choose to read one or more STATEMENTs (A, B, C and/or D). Optionally, feel free to reflect and insert your own paragraph(s).  


Welcome to Citylights Community. This is our family of faith in New York City. We seek to live in the way of Jesus. Together, we are learning to love well.

Today, we unplug from the artificial urgency of our days, come here to bless one another by listening, questioning, playing, and creating. We set aside this time to delight in the gift of Sabbath. In this moment, we rest. We sit at the table that is larger than our own lives.



In this sacred place, we practice radical hospitality. We depend on each other. We are aware that entering into an active community can be intimidating, but we need your voice and your perspective. We offer to help you bring your dreams to life and need you to help bring to life dreams of others.


We gift each other and each moment with our undivided attention. We honor each other’s efforts and gifts by striving to be here on time and be fully present when here. We turn off our phones and support our storytellers, artists, economists, cooks, scientists and others, by participating in the beauty we all create.


We come here open to share our experiences, thoughts and feelings. We bless each other with our time and resources. We are kind to those of us who are angry, distraught, or shy. We love, both ourselves and others, unconditionally, the way Jesus taught us.


We do not mandate beliefs, participation, or behavior. As a family of faith, we do share our responsibilities and blessings with everyone here.  We are blessed with the noise of the young children, questioning and ideas of the youth, strength of the adults, and wisdom of our elders.


We invite you to be. In this space.  With us.

God is now.  Here.

This is the right place. This is the right time.  Whoever is here are right people.

Feel the ground under your feet.  Breathe.