All of us go through unexpected surprises in life, often shockingly difficult.

When that happens, we tend to avoid dealing with them, adjusting to them, learning from them. Yet, it so happens that the most growth (and with it, joy) happens when we actually turn towards these difficulties and work our way through them. The good news is that these are best done with others, rather than as a DIY project.

We have invited Julia Soriano to help us understand the dynamic of sharp turns in life.  Although her personal story and expertise are around difficulties we encounter with our health, we find it applicable to anything in life. Dealing with a sharp turn in life is a skill that is transferable and very valuable, not just in the way we care for ourselves, but in the way we care for our family, friends, and neighbors.

It is almost certain that you will need these skills to care for someone you love very much.

Julia is one of those quirky (in the best possible sense of the word) Quaker thinkers/practitioners that is incredibly grounded. 

There are three opportunities to interact with Julia.

June 21, Thursday 7:30 to 8:30pm LECTURE 

June 23, Saturday, 11am Citylights Community

June 23, Saturday, 3 - 5:30 pm WORKSHOP