Newsletter 1.20.17

Hello Lighters,

Last week at 5am in the morning, I felt a light tug on my shoulder.  It was Khloe who had something to say. Lately, she hasn’t been waking me up; but when she does it’s always something profound.  The last time she woke me up was a couple of months ago, she dreamed about Jesus with a twist.  So as I begin to wake up, she whispered in my ear, “Mommy, why can’t humans change?”  At first, I thought I heard wrong and said “huh?” She repeated again, “Mommy, why can’t humans change?” I remembered being taken back, for one it was 5am, and second of all, how do you tell a 5 year old why some humans can’t change?  Khloe with her big brown eyes wearing her favorite dinosaur pajamas looks at me waiting for an answer.  I didn’t have one.

candleWell, because I still haven’t changed yet, and still waiting for myself to change.  I still carry the wounds that haven’t healed properly from people that have hurt me, people whom I have held close to my heart and continue to do so.  You see, I’m waiting for them to change. It may never happen, but meanwhile, I think as humans we forget what love looks or feel like. With all of our walls, grudges, pain, and ego we become this monster we never imagined to be.  We all are some type of monster and if you don’t think you are, well you’re in denial.

Take this moment and imagine what love looks and feels like. Some of you may need wine or yoga to practice this. Some of you may find this easy or extremely difficult.  And if you find this difficult, take your time and breathe. So lighters, find the monster inside you and feed it with kindness and love.


Sarah McCash, Citylights Community Coordinator

This upcoming Sabbath (breakfast starts 11:00am and service begins at 11:30am)

A simple Sabbath. 

We will sing songs we love. 

We will bring poems to read. 

We will rest in the love of God and each other. 

A simple Sabbath, 

for complicated days. 


After the service, we will get together and join the Women’s March.  For those who want to join us, please meet us at Room 1.

Yoga with Peter Steen

Yoga this Sabbath at 10am! Bring a yoga mat and $10 dollars.  Please rsvp to Peter at


Citykids Party meets every 2nd Saturday of the month. Citykids Party is Feb. 12

Citykids Sabbath School meets every Sabbath except on the 2nd of the month at 12pm in Room 3.  


Mail it to: Citylights Community, Attention: Treasurer; P.O. Box 239; New York, NY 10026. (He will keep your pledges confidential and will only share information on the aggregate amount that is raised.)

Give the old-fashioned way (dropping it in the bucket on Saturdays, direct deposit)

Online through Faith Street:  (You can download an app for your smart phone.  There is a nominal transaction fee, which decreases the higher the amount.)




15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003. We’re located between 15th and 16th street and between 2nd and 3rd Ave.  Rutherford Place runs parallel between 2nd and 3rd Ave.


Service begins at 11:00am with light breakfast and program begins at 11:30am.

We have updated our Facebook Group! ( Feel free to post information, pictures, events, and use it to work out organizational logistics. It is a closed group, so information is not public. Also, feel free to invite others who have attended Citylights in the past (an administrator of this group will have to approve their membership). Weekly updates will still arrive to your email inbox directly from Sarah You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the weekly updates by sending an email .