Newsletter 11.18.16

Hi Lights,

girls-are-equal-to-boysKhloe is a 5-year-old kid that unintentionally likes to push peoples boundaries. She somehow manages to challenge people’s beliefs with unbelievable childlike kindness. The other day, Khloe found her beloved necktie that she wore years ago. She was so excited that she found it, and could not wait to wear it to school the next day. “Mom, I’m going to look handsome!” she exclaimed. “Of course you are, Khloe!” I responded. “You’re going to rock the necktie like a rock star!” So the next morning while she and her sister we’re getting ready to school, I peeked into their room to see if they’re getting ready. Summer is putting on the brightest pink and purple princess dress with neon yellow polka dotted tights. She is contemplating which necklaces and bracelets that would go with her fabulous outfit. And Khloe pulls a crisp white superhero tee shirt that says, “Becoming a Superhero”. She takes her small blue and white necktie and clips it onto her shirt with her favorite denim jeans. They both brush their hair until their knots disappears, leaving their hair glossy and soft. They’re both beaming with pride and asked me, “Mom, how do I look?” “You guys look so amazing!” I replied. They both giggled at each other and took off to show Sam their outfit.

When I picked up girls at school, I asked my routine questions, “Who was silly today? Did anyone make you laugh?” I then asked Khloe with enthusiasm, “Khloe, did anyone notice your tie?!” Her response almost broke me. In a casual tone, Khloe says, “mom, my friends say girls can’t wear ties”. I asked her, “Well what did you say!?” I feel my blood boiling inside. “Mom, I told them that some girls wear ties. They would repeat back that girls don’t’ wear ties, but I would say they do.” She said this multiple times to her friends. She then breaks into a giggle stating about how she was going to wear her time tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. She takes off and joins her two sisters playing with legos.

I, on the other hand, am a hot mess. I just wanted to cry. I wondered to myself, “Is this just the beginning of heartbreaks for being different?” So the whole day, I was moping. Sam came home, and I told him what happened. He said he overheard the kids talking to Khloe about the tie incident, but it was all in an innocent manner. I asked him if any of the parents chimed in? He said no. My heart dropped again.

As I tucked my kids into bed that night I see Khloe’s beloved tie sitting on top of her dresser. I say a blessing on it. This simple tie has served some type symbol of what’s happening in our world today of sharing different beliefs whether it’s religion, gender, race, or politics. I just witnessed Khloe and her classmates able to have a conversation about their opinions without using hateful words or tone. It stung my heart right there because I’ve been guilty many times using hurtful words and tone to Sam, my family, friends, and other people who don’t share the same beliefs as mine. It was at this moment that something stirred inside me to pray. I pray for Khloe and all the people who dare to be different, to have courage and to have a safe community to hear their voices. The next morning, I see Khloe carefully placing her outfit on the bed and places her tie next to it. She looks at me, “Mom, what do you think?” “Khloe, it looks amazing,” and give her a hug. I think I’m going to raid Sam’s closet and find a tie too.


Sarah McCash, Citylights Community Coordinator

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