Weekly Newsletter 2.23.17

This upcoming Sabbath (Service begins at 11:30am)

Please note: We will not have breakfast since we have our family potluck following the service! Bring a dish to share! 


Unpacking Religious Words – Part 3 – Salvation 

Illustration by Charles Cullen. Frontispiece to Countee Cullen's "The Black Christ and Other Poems," 1929. Source: https://library.missouri.edu/scriptamanent/2014/02/19/the-black-christ-by-countee-cullen-with-illustrations-by-charles-cullen/; http://rbhardy3rd.blogspot.com/2009/01/project-1929-black-christ.html; see also Julius Bloch's "Lynching" (http://woodmerecollection.org/julius-bloch-9/); Hale Woodruff's "By Parties Unknown" (http://www.arts-africana.com/HWPU5.aspx), and E. Simms Campbell's "I Passed Along This Way" (https://www.flickr.com/photos/vieilles_annonces/5045426179/in/photostream/; http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4145/5045426179_f82d54c2c7_o.jpg).

This week our Sabbath discussion will be lead by our very own Kya Blackstone. We will examine the word and concept of salvation through the lens of Black Liberation Theology. This of course is an effort to honor Black History Month, as well as our current theme of investigating and unpacking religious words at City Lights. The two texts that are anchoring our discussion this week are Ephesians 2:8-9,  and Romans 8: 38-39.  In addition, this passage from The Cross and The Lynching Tree by James H. Cone, will provide a framework for our discussion.

“Penniless, landless, jobless, and with no political and social power in the society, what could black people do except to fight with cultural and religious power and pray that God would sup- port them in their struggle for freedom? Black people “stretched their hands to God,” because they had nowhere else to turn. Because of their experience of arbitrary violence, the cross was and is a redeeming and comforting image for many black Chris- tians. If the God of Jesus’ cross is found among the least, the crucified people of the world, then God is also found among those lynched in American history.


Yoga with Peter Steen

white-chicks-doing-yogaNext Yoga practice is Feb. 25 at 10am! Bring a yoga mat and $10 dollars.  Please rsvp to Peter at petersamuelsteen@gmail.com

Potluck Luncheon every 4th Saturday

Feb.25 is our Citylights Luncheon potluck.  Bring any healthy delicious dish to share!


Citylights Retreat at Camp Jewel with Frank Schaeferfrank_schaeffer_0

Save the date! May 12-14, 2017 (Mother’s Day Weekend).

Cost: $220 per person includes 6 meals, accommodation, retreat fees and fun! Children (4-18 years old) are $100 per person.

Transportation: $50 per person (15 passenger van rental).

*We offer scholarships for those who need financial assistance. Please contact me at mccashsarah@gmail.com for scholarships.


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